Polaris bank transfer code – Transfer money using Polaris bank code.

Polaris bank transfer code

In recent months, the most commonly searched question on the internet was “Polaris bank transfer code”. Polaris Bank’s USSD code may be used to transfer cash, register/open a Polaris Bank account, and retrieve your bank account number if you’ve lost or forgotten it.

Not only that, but you may use the Polaris bank code on your mobile phone to update your password and payment pin.

And the purpose of this blog article is to provide you with the Polaris bank transfer code.

Let’s take a look at some questions. How to register the Polaris Bank transfer code? How to transfer money from Polaris Bank? How to check the Polaris bank account number? How to transfer money from Polaris Bank? and more.

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What is the Polaris bank transfer code?

Just in case you still don’t know what the Polaris bank transfer code is, Is a USSD code the Polaris bank customers can use to transfer money or pay the bills without going to any of the bank branch or agent and you don’t need the bank mobile app.

Do you want to know – How to register the Polaris Bank transfer code?

To use the bank transfer code to transfer money from your Polaris bank account, you must first activate the USSD code using the line used to register for the account.

To activate the Polaris bank transfer code, you must fulfill the procedure listed below.

  • You just need to dial – *883# on the sim used to register your Polaris bank account.
  • Enter your account number by following the prompts.
  • Any four-digit number can be entered to serve as a payment PIN.
  • You have successfully enrolled for Smart Banking at *833 #.

How to transfer money Using the Polaris bank code.

The thing has been easy since the bank owns a Code that their customers can use to transfer money to Polaris Bank or other banks, The things you need to do is to dial *833*Amount*Account Number# through the phone number used to register your bank account. Check those steps you need to take below.

  • Action 1: Dial *833*Amount*Account Number# (e.g. *833*10000*0097435677#)
  • Action 2: Select the bank of the account you want to transfer to
  • Action 3: Verify the account Name
  • Action4: Select which of your accounts you want to transfer from
  • Action 5: Finally, enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

You can use the second method if the above method is not working out for you.

  • Action 1: Dial *833*0# and select option 3
  • Action 2: And select the bank you want to transfer it to.
  • Action 3: Enter the Account Number that you want the money to be transfer.
  • Action 4: Then tap send, confirm the account name and enter the amount you want to transfer
  • Last action: Enter your PIN to complete the transaction.


The Polaris bank will charge you between 11 and 55 Nairas if you use their USSD code.

I hope you found the info about the Polaris bank transfer code to be informative. Please do not hesitate to provide your comments.


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