Learn Exactly How I Make 200k Naira Doing MINI IMPORTATION BUSINESS In Nigeria.

Mini Importation From China To Nigeria

Are you ready to start the MINI IMPORTATION BUSINESS In Nigeria With little or no capital and you want to make 200k naira in just 30 days? Then keep on reading.

Hi, I’m Micheal from upflask, and in this post, I’m going to show you how you can use your smartphone to start a mini importation business not only to import but also how to make a lot of money for your living and thing not to do as an importer.

Now if you have tried buying products from the wholesalers in your state you might know the frustration.

it’s impossible to buy small things at a cheap price and also have the quality you want. so it becomes complicated.

Now that is where mini importation comes in because you will buy directly from the manufacturer at a cheap price. This means you will be able to sell your product with a high profit.

A bit about the mini importation business.

This mini importation business in Nigeria is one of the lucrative businesses currently trending in Nigeria that required little capital or no capital to start by teenagers, students or teachers, full housewives, and pastors.

The mini importation business can be a side hustle or your main source of income .

How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria and Ghana.

To start successful mini importation business in Nigeria. There are two ways to mini importation business in Nigeria and the ways are with little capital & no capital.

Because of time, I will not discuss how you can start it without capital, read it on a separate post on upflask.

Please make sure you have 20k to start this business so that you can make use of the method I use to make 200k in just 7 days.

Mini importation business plan.

A business without a plan is not worth doing because the business has no budget & target to meet.

Remember that our target is 200k in a week.

For you to meet up the target, here are the business plan that has used in the past that really work for me.

  • Pick up a notebook and pen.
  • jot down the amount you want to start with.
  • register a business name (optional).
  • write down your niche and the products you want to import.
  • Make a rough estimation of the data & call, advertisement, web design or product landing page, and transportation bills.
  • Make a promise to yourself that you will not sell in credit and below the market prices.
  • Write down the target in amount and number of days to make it.
  • Make use of the days to divide the amount.
  • If you have met up your target, then remove the start-up capital from the sales amount.
  • Then reinvest your profit that is all it takes to succeed in a business.


Is the mini importation business profitable?

The is to put an end to the long asked question, is mini importation business in Nigeria still profitable? Well, the answer is yes

Mini importation business is a LUCRATIVE business that can bring 300% RETURN OF INVESTMENT(ROI) IF YOU DO IT THE RIGHT WAY.


Mini importation business requirement are:

  • Start-up capital (Money).
  • Smartphone or laptop.
  • Internet access.
  • Social media profile.
  • Marketing software ( free & paid).
  • Design Software (free & paid).
  • Communication software (free & paid).
  • Gmail account.
  • Verify PayPal account.
  • An ATM Mastercard/visa.

Marketing software: Are software used to advertise our product to a potent customer. Examples of the software are Facebook ads, Mailchimp, builderall, and more.

Design Software: Are software used to design high-quality look photo or videos for our product and the examples are in shot pro, canvas, fillmora, photoshop, and more.

Communication software: These are software used to communicate with a buyer, Shipping agent, or manufacturer and the examples are WhatsApp Messenger, Wechat & QQ chat popularly use in China,

How to register a business name for a mini importation business in Nigeria.

Here you are, scratching your head and trying to find out how you can register your business name.

Maybe you want to apply for a loan. So you want to make use of your business name to prove that you are a real business person.

To register your business name. You can register with the corporate affairs commission (CAC) and smedan.

Common terms used in the mini importation business in Nigeria.

Terms Meaning & Examples
FOMO Fear of missing out is used to get the attention of a customer and put them into an eagerness to buy. This is an example of a FOMO title (This offer will end in 24hours grab your to save the cost of 96% now)
Hot product These products are in high demand and fast-selling products in the market.
FOB Free on board. This term is used when shipping products.
MQO The minimum quantity of order.
Local Shipping cost The local shipping cost is the transportation fee you will pay your supplier so that he/she will take your product to your shipping company or agent.
Waybill cost The waybill cost is the shipping fee you pay to your Shipping company.
Logistics The logistics are the shipping company you use to ship your product from overseas or the company that helps you to pick up your goods and waybill to you in case you don’t live close to the airport.
LOC Letter of credit.
upflask team

Mini importation websites.

These are some of the website used for importation.

  • 1668 (China).
  • Alibaba (China).
  • Aliexpress (China).
  • Amazon(USA).
  • eBay
  • paipai (China).
  • suning (China).
  • Dhgate (china)

Now let me explain these site to you in a simple ways.

china sites for mini importation

Alibaba, Aliexpress & 1688, and others are the china website use for the mini importation business. The difference between those sites is the language, prices, quality, and quantity of product (MQO).

While others are other country sites. Examples of the county are UK, USA, Vietnam, Dubai, and more.

How to source hot products.

here is a guide that will help you to source hot products in your niche. Do this to source for high-demand products.

Find and Get Them Here jumia, konga, Aliexpress, Google Trends, Facebook and more.

How to find hot product using the konga, jumia & aliexpress.

open the site look for an option to filter new market, highest rank, or weekly deal products. When you open the filter on your niches search for the product with the highest number of orders.

This photo below is an example of the high-demand product and I source it on alixpress using the above method.

Source: aliexpress

Alibaba and Aliexpress advantage and disadvantage.

The benefit of this site is that you will be able to chat with suppliers directly to negotiate prices, free shipping on aliexpress, and make payments with your PayPal or MasterCard.

But the MQO of alibaba is high and aliexpress suppliers has poor delivery services.

1688 and others local trade Chinese website advantage & disadvantage.

1688 is the secret site most of the importer uses to buy a low quantity of product at a cheap price but the problem is that u can not make an order directly. You need to have an agent to help you with the order.

If you have a verify alipay account, nothing is stopping from placing order by yourself.

kindly translate the site language to English, chat with the supplier with aliwang or WeChat and send him/her the shipping address.

How to order on 1688.

To place an order on 1688 you need an agent to help you place the order, that is not all these are the few things you will have to do before the agent can the order.

  • Search for the product you want to order.
  • Copy the link and send it to you your agent (Procurement) either in Nigeria or china.
  • Provide the specification of the product you want like the color, size, and quantity.
  • Contact the shipping ask for their china address and send it to the procurement agent.
  • Then pay your agent in naira.

Shipping company in nigeria.

These are some of the shipping company in nigeria.

  • Skycargoltd
  • choice logistic
  • nonkings
  • Chrisvicmall 
  • Spreaditglobal
  • tugrow 1688
  • SKY-JET and more.

Shipping company fee

The shipping company charges goods by kg, Size, and CBM and most of the companies collect separate fees for a parcel.

How to sell your products.

Well, i think what you buy with money must also be sold for money.

These are many ways to sell you product offline or online.

You can sell your product to be you live around or create an account online on these popular eCommerce stores (jumia, Konga, and more) as a vendor to sell off your product.

You can run a paid Facebook advertisement, bing, google advertisement to sell your product and you can buy a newspaper or blog space.

Run a paid email marketing, bulk SMS, and offer a promo to get more buyers.

Happy Mini importation

Mimi importation business in Nigeria is not a get-rich scheme. So you need to have patience if you actually want to make money in mini importation.

And will promise to update this post with new information weekly or monthly. Share this post on social media and please comment about it, do this to help the blog post has more visibility on search engine.

our team cares!

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