Jumia affiliate program reviews – What is it? & Should use it in 2021?.

Jumia affiliate program reviews

Micheal and his team are here again, this article will tell you the untold truth about the Jumia affiliate program reviews including how it works, pros & cons, and more.


What is JUMIA?


Jumia is an online e-commerce platform for the African people, they provide its services in these countries Cameroon, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, and more African countries that are not on the list.


Country that affiliate most of jumia product are;


Jumia affiliate for Nigeria: Jumia affiliate program reviews.


The Nigerian citizens affiliate Jumia products on their blog so that they can make use of their site traffic by referring people back to Jumia on each of their blog posts.


These are the popular blogs in Nigeria that do affiliate for Jumia naijatech.com, Thetechninjas, Ogbogeblog.


Jumia affiliate program Kenya.


Don’t feel surprised that the citizen of Kenya also affiliates for Jumia and these are the popular blog that affiliate for Jumia in Kenya urban Kenyans,  fleek book, and more. 


Jumia affiliate program Uganda.


If you live in Uganda and you don’t know that a lot of people do this for living u are missing out on a popular log tech log in Uganda actually make more money with the program.


The Jumia affiliate program name and the commission of the product.


The affiliate program name is the Jumia KOL program, join the program and start making money online in 2021.


The product commission.


The product commissions are very high, so if you have huge traffic on your blog you can not go wrong by doing an affiliate for jumia. These are the commission list


  • Mobiles & Tablets – 3% to 5%.
  • Books & Stationery – 4% to 10%.
  • Sports & Fitness – 4% to 10%.
  • Automotive & Motorcycles -2% to 6%.
  • Games & Consoles – 2% to 4%.
  • Health & Beauty – 4% to 10%.
  • Kids & Babies – 3% t0 8%.


How to start the program and things you need to sign up for the Jumia affiliate program.


If you look forward to starting this program you need three things to get started the affiliate is your website/blog, a valid Gmail address, your phone number & bank account.


To sign up for the program you will have to follow these steps.


The steps are:


  • First, go to their affiliate website kol.jumia.com.
  • You should fill in the required document such as First Name & Last Name, Email, Password,  Retype Password, Phone Number, Country & Website URL and you should agree to the terms & conditions and click on the register button.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Jumia Kenya, Nigeria & Uganda Sales Affiliate Approval.


Submit your form the Jumia team will review your Blog/website it usually takes 48 -120 hours before you can get their response.


If your website gets approved the next thing to do before you can earn is to promote their products.


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upflask team


How to Generate Jumia Kenya, Nigeria & Uganda  Affiliate marketing Links.


If you want to generate the affiliate marketing link you have to login into your jumia dashboard and choose any products you want to promote, insert them into your blog/website.


Don’t stress yourself about looking for other source information, in case you don’t know how to insert the link you should continue reading the Jumia affiliate program reviews you will find how to insert the link in the next paragraph.


How to Insert Jumia Kenya, Nigeria & Uganda Affiliate Links on your Blog post or widget.


You can insert the affiliate link in your blog post by highlighting the word you want to put the link inside and click on the link icon, copy & paste the link inside it.


How to Insert Jumia Kenya, Nigeria & Uganda Affiliate Links on WordPress.


WordPress is the most used free cms for the blogger or website and you can create almost every website on WordPress including social media, forum, news income website, and more. 


  • First, login into your WordPress dashboard and click on the appearance.
  • If you have little knowledge about HTML you can click on theme editor and insert the code but if you don’t click on the customize, follow y click on the widget and add custom HTML, then copy & paste your affiliate inside it you can save it now.


How to Insert Jumia Kenya, Nigeria & Uganda Affiliate Links on blogger(Blogspot).


Blogspot is said to be a free platform for bloggers with a domain extension (example.blogspot.com) but if you want your website to look more professional you will need to buy a custom domain (Your self.com) and also a premium template.


  • First, sign in to your blogger (Blogspot) account. On your dashboard select layout & click on the sidebar widget insert the affiliate code by copy & paste it.
  • And you can also click on the theme on your dashboard, select customize & choose edit with HTML, then make use of the jump widget to find the place you want your affiliate link to display on your site. That is all about it.


How to Check Your Sales Affiliate Earnings & the affiliate payment method.


You can check your affiliate earnings when you login into your dashboard by clicking on the Report and your payment method is bank transfer.


How to Succeed in Jumia Kenya, Nigeria & Uganda Affiliate Program.


If you want to succeed you need to write a great blog that will make your reader, buy the product through your link, make your website users friendly (easy to navigate), and also you will have to do keyword research so that you will not target the wrong readers. If You understand how to do keyword research you will always target the reader that will buy.




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