How to start blog business as a beginner with no experience and makes a full-time income 2021.

how to start blog business as a beginner

Today, we would be discussing how to start blog business as a beginner with no experience and makes a full-time income in 2021.

New to the blogging business and wondering if it possible to start it for a living? yes, you can start an online blogging business and make a full-time income for a living.

How did I know you can earn a living from the blogging business?  I started an online blogging business three years ago with no mentor, no proper understanding, no access to important blogging tools so I have to make a lot of mistakes that lead to my blogging experience during this period have created and build up multiple successful blogs.

And those blogs give me proof that there are thousands of ways to earn a full-time income with your blog. In fact, some of the ways will be shown in today’s lesson.

And also the founder of Shoutmeloud know as Harsh Agarwal is a pro blogger with over 10 years of experience. On  Shoutmeloud You can learn more about  Blogging and how to make money blogging like a pro.

The blogging scientist earned more than $40,000 in February 2018. Are you thinking of what I thinking? I guess your answer to be yes.

By the end of this lesson, I will also recommend the blog topics that make the most money in 2021.

How to start blog business as a beginner.

To start a successful blog in 2021 required a lot of work but not as hard as most people think.

So I will advise you to read every information in the post without skipping a paragraph and you can also bookmark this post for future use.

A bit about what is a blog.

Blog (as it’s popularly called) is a short-form of the weblog the word was created by an American blogger known as Jorn Barger on December 17, 1997.

A blog is also a means of communication, A means to share an idea worldwide, A means of sharing news, and more.

So you can a blog for fun or for a business.


Details soon…



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