How to create a URL link to your WhatsApp Direct message from other websites in 2021.

create a URL link to your WhatsApp

upflask you are ( one of the most reliable blogging platforms to read more about news, tech tips & tutorials, program & product reviews, and more in the tech world ), scratching your head and trying to figure out how to create a URL link to your WhatsApp direct message from other websites.

Maybe you want to run a paid advertisement on Facebook, google, bing, and more. So you want to use your WhatsApp account as the landing page
You peoples are not alone because I and my team have you covered.

What is a WhatsApp link?

WhatsApp links are clickable texts that you can use to direct someone from a place on the internet to your WhatsApp inbox, Whatsapp group, and WhatsApp profile.

Types of WhatsApp links and how to create a URL link to your WhatsApp.

There are three Whatsapp links known to date. Each link has been discussed, in detail along with how you can use it. In the following list.

Following are the main three types of WhatsApp links.

Inbox link: This type of link is clickable words that redirect someone into your Whatsapp inbox for him/her to message you.

Profile link: This type of link is also a clickable text that redirects someone to your WhatsApp profile when they click on the text.

Group link: This type of link is a clickable words use to invite peoples into a group by sharing the link to an individual person or a group person.

How to create a URL link to your WhatsApp direct message.

These are the known ways you can use to create a URL link to your WhatsApp Dm. See the full list below.

Hyperlink: The method is best to recommend by our team. If you are a blogger or programmer(Coder) this method is for you.

You can make use of the text editor and HTML to create the link to your WhatsApp. And for those of you that have no knowledge about blogging, or coding continue reading the post.

For those people that have no knowledge about the above method, you can try the second method, because is easy & friendly to use.

let start here to make things easy you can make use of this form to create the link.

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upflask team

If you want to create it on your own copy and edit the below lists.

  • Replace 2349055667856 with your desired phone number.
  • Or number replace “phone number” with your phone number in international standard/format.

You can now paste & use your link on social media, email, eBook, Blog, online forum, and more.

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How to create a WhatsApp Tv URL link in 2021.

This creation is not that hard as most people think. You just have to follow this guide.

  • htpps://
  • Edit those words by replacing them with your own words/text.
  • The above link will display “I would like to join upflask Tv, My name is____.
  • htpps://
  • The above link will display I like upflask team they are good bloggers, my name is__.
  • htpps://
  • I will want to be a good blogger in 2021
  • htpps://
  • Our team will keep on sharing the best of educative content with the world.

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Upflask team

Happy WhatsApp link.

Now you should be able to create any type of URL link to you WhatsApp account.

And if you have to create more link that is complex we recommend you make use of the form.

Have fun with the new things you learn today ! and also share this post to the social, loved ones.

Upflask team cares !

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