Business Ideas For Computer Science Student in 2021

business ideas for computer science student

Are you a computer expert or you wish in working in the computer industry? well, there are a lot of business ideas for computer science students to start on their own.

Meanwhile, most of the available business opportunity in the industry can also be started by someone that does not have a computer science degree but in some cases, a computer science degree is required. Here are 30+ different business ideas for computer science students to start within the computer industry.


business ideas for computer science student

business ideas for computer science student


When it comes to computer businesses, the first profession that comes to mind is a freelancer. Of course, you can work for a software development company. But you can also start your own company if you want to have your own business.

2.Software blogger

Starting a blogging platform where you share your expertise and experience with a large audience by writing about software reviews, tutorials, guides, and other topics of the technology industry.

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3.Software Developer

A software developer has many opportunities online as a software developer you can create software for a potential client and also you can develop your own personal software and later sell it in the future.

4.Web Hosting

You as a computer science student with adequate knowledge of programming language can easily set up a successful hosting provider company and provide the best service to those website owners(blogger, small online business, digital marketer, and others).

5.App developer

This is one of the most high-paying businesses for those entrepreneurs that have adequate knowledge and experience about the technology like a computer science student(programmer). The augmented reality (AR) developer is one of the most demand in the computer science field with about $11,416 monthly salary.

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6.Computer Refurbisher

Computer refurbishes business is a lucrative business ideal for a computer science student living in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and other advanced countries.

7.Domain Reseller

As a computer science student, doing this business would be a good idea since you don’t need a huge amount to start the business I start a domain reselling business with just $50, and I was able to make thousands of dollars doing it as a side business.

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